Alumni Impact Fund Information

Each year, money generously donated by our alumni through the Circles of Influence campaign is allocated to innovative projects from around the University that will have an immediate impact on our staff and student experience. This funding is available to staff and students of the University of Birmingham.

Since 2002, more than £2.2 million has been distributed to exciting projects that have made a significant difference to the experience of many past and present students and staff. In 2012, 70 projects were submitted. For more information on previously successful projects, please visit:

This year's Alumni Impact Fund round is now open and will close on 8th February 2013. To request an application form, please email Laura Fairbanks via 

This year, over £165,000 of funding is available. The funding is split six ways for each College and Corporate Services as a whole, so £27,500 is available for each area.

Each application for funding must fulfill certain criteria to guarantee that a successful project is both innovative and timely to ensure its immediate impact.

To receive funding, a project must clearly demonstrate:

  • a benefit to students and staff
  • immediacy (funds must be spent by December 2013)
  • innovation (it must be a one-off project, or a pilot project with potential ongoing costs budgeted for and approved by a Head of Budget Centre)
  • that it is not a core school, department, college or University requirement
  • that it is unable to be funded in any other way
  • the ability to badge the project in some way to recognise alumni generosity
  • any matching contribution from College / School / Department

As part of 'Shaping our future: Birmingham 2015', the University is aiming to provide a high quality, distinctive student experience. Projects aiming to enhance the student experience, or that will enhance student recruitment activities, should take into account the following University priorities:

  • a focus on listening to the student voice, and enhancing the ways we communicate with students, particularly in relation to feedback, 'Welcome and the Welcome Experience', and personal tutoring
  • the Internationalisation of the University and how to generate greater integration of all students
  • the provision of activities that provide support mechanisms and increased accessibility to opportunities for all students, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds, and including part-time, staying local and distance learners
  • both academic and pastoral support for students and student wellbeing

For help and support with writing your bid, please contact your College/Corporate Service representative: