Birmingham Internships and Work Experience Bursaries

Thanks to your support of the Circles of influence campaign we have been able to develop and expand a range of internship opportunities for our students.  Your support helps to encourage students to undertake exciting and worthwhile internship and work experience placements without being inhibited by financial constraints. The more support we have, the more students can benefit.

Be it spending time in research laboratories, working within top Barristers' chambers, recording endangered butterfly species in Cuba, or educating communities in Third World countries, our bursaries provide life-changing experiences.

Learn more through our Careers Network, or give today to provide a life-changing opportunity.

Together we will offer the following internships...

  • International: to enable international work experience with private, public and non-profit organisations around the world.
  • UK Professional: to help students gain work experience in their chosen area before they reach thier final year and make important graduate employment decisions.
  • Gateway: to support our A2B students, registered disabled, those leaving care, first generation of the family into higher education, in receipt of a grant or scholarship, lone parents and ethnic minorities.
  • Undergraduate Research Experience: to support the next generation of research students, enabling students to spend time within research environments and gain important skills.

The global employability market is increasingly competitive and having real-world experience is vital. We need to offer students access to a range of opportunities to experience commercial environments, develop professional and transferable skills, gain experiences, and benefit from mentoring. Your support is crucial.

Hear how our student, Jamie, benifited from valuable bursaries and internships:

To learn more about how our internships work or how you can support us, contact Matt Mangan [+44(0)121 414 6953].