Hydrogen carsAs a university driving social and economic change, Birmingham continues to work with its partners for a stable and productive society.

Hydrogen research

Hydrogen could significantly reduce global carbon emissions.

Birmingham is carrying out pioneering research into its sustainable production, storage and commercial application. 

Professor Kevin Kendall, Hydrogen Research Group "What we do now can only have a limited effect on the climate over the next 40 to 50 years, but what we do in the next 10 to 20 years can have a profound effect on the climate in the second half of this century." 

Climate change is happening and the consequences of mankind not responding promptly will be catastrophic. A coordinated global solution to reduce carbon emissions has become an urgent economic and social necessity.

The University is the only UK institution working on all aspects of hydrogen energy research and needs a leading academic to accelerate the delivery of a hydrogen future, as well as underpinning support to develop a critical mass of research.

Did you know?

The University has five hydrogen-powered cars and a house in Stourbridge that uses hydrogen for all its heating and lighting.

For further information, contact: Matt Mangan +44 (0)121 414 8640.

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CHASM financial research

Personal debt in Britain is increasing by £1 million every four minutes, according to financial experts. Help influence government policy on personal finance and financial services at a critical time for the economy.

At a time of growing economic uncertainty, responsibility for key financial assets is shifting from the state to the individual but the nation is ill-equipped to manage this responsibility.

For many people the concept of preparing for the future and creating wealth by investing in property, pensions, shares and savings is over. Nearly a quarter of the largest companies on the UK stock market will be unable to pay off their pension deficits and the role and regulation of the financial services industry in advising individuals requires urgent independent analysis.

CHASM stands for the Centre for Household Assets and Savings Management. The University has created the CHASM centre for financial research to provide independent, evidence-based advice for the government, businesses and individuals, helping to support the country’s financial recovery.

For further information, contact: Matt Mangan +44 (0)121 414 8640.

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STEM young scientists

STEM subjects are recognised as being essential to national progress. 

Despite their importance, the number of young people studying these subjects is declining.

This means the UK faces a lack of workforce skills, a shortage of educators for future generations, declining public understanding of STEM areas and serious social inequalities in access to STEM professions.

STEM subjects are –   

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering 
  • Mathematics 

The skills shortage will result in –

  • a lack of workforce proficiency
  • a shortage of educators for future generations
  • declining public understanding of STEM areas
  • serious social inequalities in access to STEM professions

Birmingham will address this need by establishing a UK centre for excellence in STEM education, led by a core team of STEM education leaders from the UK and beyond whose work will inform and influence practice across all phases of education.

For further information, contact: Matt Mangan +44 (0)121 414 8640.

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