Our vision for Circles of influence phase two

The clock is ticking. Give now.The projects in the second phase of the Circles of influence campaign will drive us towards our goal of becoming a leading global university with a positive, sustained, and profound impact on the key global challenges of the 21st century. They are a fitting reflection of our areas of strength and of our ambitions as we look forward and plan with confidence for the decades ahead.

Together we will...

  • make breakthroughs that will save lives
  • ensure that children and young people can live happy and healthy lives
  • provide life-changing opportunities for talented students and researchers
  • develop the academic, cultural, and scientific leaders of tomorrow
  • build the facilities appropriate to a modern, ambitious, high-quality research institution
  • engage with our local communities so that the University is an asset to the region
  • offer an inspirational, empowering, and distinctive student experience

The Birmingham of 2015 will be a leading global university, in which world-class facilities provide the foundation for innovative, world-changing research, and from which a community of researchers and students will have a demonstrable impact on issues of local, national, and international importance, providing the solutions to society's biggest challenges.

But we cannot do this alone. Your support is crucial to achieving this vision. Click here to learn more about how you can support your university.