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Birmingham University Stem Cell Centre

Thanks to your support of the Circles of influence campaign, there are people around the world who are alive today who otherwise would not be. We should be proud of these achievements, whether in cancer care or fighting tuberculosis. But there is more to do. To save lives tomorrow we must continue to invest today. Your support will enable the next life-saving breakthroughs.

Professor Paul Moss, Head of Cancer Sciences "The Circles of influence campaign has made a huge difference; it has helped us to maintain our programmes and has made a transformational difference in starting new things that simply would not have happened"

Our research into Health and Lifestyle has a wide range: from prevention, to early diagnosis, effective treatment, and successful rehabilitation. From our local communities to Africa, the impact of our research is felt throughout the world.

Together we have...

We have improved breast cancer survival rates by 30% thanks to your support. We have made significant inroads into combating the obesity epidemic. We have pioneered the use of robotics and mathematics in neurosciences to combat degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Your support, of people, equipment, and facilities, has enabled wide and long-lasting interventions. Thank you.

Together we are...

We are seeking your support for a range of pioneering developments in critical Health and Lifestyle research: together we will revolutionise recovery from strokes and brain injury in our Centre for Virtual Reality Learning and Rehabilitation; enable new and unique collaborations across different medical and scientific disciplines in our innovative Co-Lab; and continue our leading research into the prevention and treatments of cancer and infectious diseases and superbugs.

Together we will...

With your support, over the coming years we will commit ourselves to research which will save lives. We will continue to tackle complex issues in human health, ensuring that our researchers have access to cutting-edge facilities that will enable them to make the medical breakthroughs that can change the world.

To support our research and help to save lives, give today. If you would like to discuss our health and lifestyle projects, contact Sally Brooks [+44(0)121 414 7957].