Researcher carrying out important work thanks to Alumni funding

A powerful tradition of giving exists at the University of Birmingham. Philanthropy is at the core of our past, present and future. You can have an impact on our local, national and international communities.

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Our tax-exempt Inland Revenue charities reference number is X7237

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Martin Devenish, University donor "I wanted to ensure no future students would be dissuaded from applying to Birmingham because of their personal circumstances"

Since our founder Joseph Chamberlain built the University through the support of benefactors, millions of pounds have been donated to Birmingham. Gifts from alumni, friends, corporate benefactors and charitable trusts and foundations have transformed Birmingham into the world-class institution it is today.

This generosity has funded vital research, provided cutting-edge equipment and changed the lives of students who could not otherwise attend university or complete their higher education studies.

Saadiah Harun, MA Translation Studies, 2007 "Thanks to the generosity of alumni, the University was able to offer me a financial lifeline and enable me to complete my studies at Birmingham."

The University as a Charity

The University is an exempt charity under Schedule 2 of the Charities Act 1993. An exempt charity enjoys all the tax exemptions and other benefits of a charity, but is exempt from certain requirements, including the need to register with the Charity Commission. The University preserves its exempt status under the Charities Act 2006. As it is not on the Register of Charities, the University does not have a charity registration number, and, although it is a corporate body, the University is not a limited company therefore it is not registered at Companies House. It does have a tax-exempt Inland Revenue charities reference number (X7237).