Why we give to Birmingham

From individuals to charitable trusts and large companies, some of our benefactors reveal why they give to the University of Birmingham.

Dr Paul Ramsay( BSc Mathematics and Computer Science, 1975; MSc Computer Science, 1976; PhD Computer Science, 1982)  
"I very much enjoyed my days at the University of Birmingham. The experience prepared me for the rest of my life by giving me the tools to go forward and I wanted other students to have that same opportunity. Funding in the UK has changed significantly since my time at University but I feel that all students should be able to have a good opportunity of education regardless of their financial situation."

Carol Kennedy née Welch (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1972) "Birmingham has a rich science and technology heritage. I’m pleased that my donation will help to find a visionary leader who can attract a multi-disciplinary team and co-ordinate this world-leading programme. "

Robert Moyle (BSc Civil Engineering, 1983)
"My reason for donating to the University was to pay back the institution that educated me and equipped me for my future career. Giving to the University is a form of saying thank you and also ensuring the future of a great and progressive institution. Hopefully my small donation will contribute to the maintenance of existing and the creation of new facilities for the current and former students."

BP  "We focus on recruiting high-calibre graduates like those from Birmingham and this partnership will enable us to raise awareness of BP as an employer of choice and identify and recruit talented students ahead of the competition. We are committed to supporting our industry’s future talent throughout their education, and these scholarships will help to bring the highest calibre of students to Birmingham and in turn, increase the number of those students later recruited by BP"

Jim Wilkinson (BA Classics, 1955; MA Latin, 1959) "The University of Birmingham was built on philanthropy, used intelligently by people with foresight. I am endeavouring to show a little foresight by investing in the future with my legacy. I hope you will do the same."

The Liz and Terry Bramall Charitable Trust
"We are proud to be associated with a project that completes
the historic Aston Webb semi-circle and provides showpiece facilities for the Department of Music. It is a wonderful opportunity for our trust which has young people, music and education at the heart"