Guest editor

It is a great time to be an alumnus of Birmingham. Not only has the University soared in all of the major league tables but it has now received the much-deserved accolade University of the Year. Finally, the world knows what many of us have been saying since we first set foot on campus: the University of Birmingham is the best!


This issue of Old Joe will reinforce that belief. You will read about new campus developments, life-changing research and fantastic events, such as the Book to the Future festival.

I was fascinated to read that some of the funds raised by the Circles of Influence campaign have been invested in dinosaurs, robots, and saving the world’s forests.

The video of Pete the Beaker is a particular highlight. He fights off cancer cells by using Old Joe as a baseball bat!

I often lament that I miss  my university days but, as alumni, we remain part of the University and our involvement never has to end. So please read, enjoy and stay in touch.

Simon Fairbanks 

(BA English,2007; MA English Literature 2010)

Recruitment Officer for the University of Warwick


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