B15 Faces

faces-banner What did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now?

15 alumni share their childhood ambition and what they have actually become. I wanted to.. .

Keith Pugh (BSC Sport and Exercise Sciences, 2010) "...be a vet; now I'm an academic."

Tim Smith (BSc Geography, 2011) "...be a rock star; I now work in the sports business industry."

Wan Yin Yee (BEng Chemical Engineering, 2008) "...be a painter; am now an engineer."

Pete Aston (BSc Geology and Geography, 1999) "...be a tractor driver; I now work in IT Services." 

Carys Lewis (BA History, 2013) "...be an astronaut; I am now a fundraiser."

Chris Hart (BEng Mechanical Engineering, 1997) "...be an astronaut; now I am a serious games designer."

Paloma Hinojosa (BA English, 2013) "...be an actress; now I am a Secondary School English Teacher."

Jeremy Woolley (BSc Physics and Astrophysics, 2010) "...be a pilot and now I develop energy technologies."

Jennifer Morrison (BSc Business Management, 2011) "...be a police officer; now I work in digital marketing."

Kok-Soo Teoh (BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1984; PhD, 1988) "...be an engineer; am now an academic."

Sara Addison-Meyr (PGDip Shakespeare Studies, 1994) "...teach Shakespeare; I'm now an executive assistant."

Carol Austin (BCom Social Sciences, 1983) "...work in sport and did at London 2012; now busy promoting East Devon."

Chris Horsley (BSc Maths with Business Management, 2010) "...be a medic; now I work for a recruitment company."

Emma Donnan (BA English and American Studies, 2001) "...be a journalist. I was for ten years, and now ghost-write books."

Alastair Ford (BSc Computer Science and Software Engineering, 1994) "...be a programmer; I now work for the BBC."

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