On track to reach campaign target

With just £30 million to go  until the £160 million target,  the University is urging  alumni and friends to do something  amazing by supporting its Circles of  Influence fundraising campaign.

Work has started on several building  projects to take the historic Edgbaston  campus into the 21st century and with  a final push we can ensure these are  completed to the same exceptional  standard as the Bramall Music Building. 

With your help, the University can  reinvigorate theLapworth Museum  and construct a fully  equipped sports centre for use by  students, athletes and the community. We can provide a library  fit for the digital age that serves modern  students’ needs and use our experience  in raising young people’s aspirations  to build the country’s first University  Training School.


Former University Chancellor Sir  Dominic Cadbury explains:

‘Philanthropy  can make the difference between simply  a good project and an extraordinary  project. Your gifts are hugely important  and will transform what we are able  to do for campus developments and  numerous other initiatives.’



Find out more about our campus developments and Circles of Influence campaign.