Your gifts transform students' lives

More young people than ever are realising their potential at Birmingham thanks to your support; from partnerships with local schools encouraging talented children to aspire to higher education, to scholarships providing financial support, and internships to improve employment prospects.

‘This is about telling young people that their talent and drive to succeed is what matters,’ Anne Snell, Access to Birmingham (A2B) Manager. 

‘Time and again, students say that the fact someone they have never met believes in them drives them on even more to succeed. These gifts genuinely transform lives and I cannot thank you enough.’

In thanks for her scholarship, first year BMedSc student Maimoona Ahmed wrote: ‘You gave a girl who never believed in herself another reason to hold on but it isn’t just about the money. My scholarship shows my peers they can do it too. They can aspire to be something, and with hard work and commitment their dream can be made a reality.’