International Development celebrates golden anniversary

It’s 50 years since the International  Development Department (IDD) opened  its doors and, to mark the occasion,  the Department is celebrating with  a series of events and seminars.

The anniversary activities started  with IDD hosting the Development  Studies Association Conference,  which attracted a large number of  global delegates. A special anniversary  report will also be available online  from Easter.

The Department focuses on issues  such as poverty reduction, climate  change, effective governance,  democratisation, political reform  and conflict in developing and  transitional countries.

Professor Paul Jackson, outgoing  Head of IDD, says: ‘We’ve changed  a lot over 50 years, becoming far  more international in our outlook.  ‘We’ve also moved from being a  very policy-driven department, to an  academic one that understands the  importance of policy.

'What definitely  hasn’t changed is that we – staff,  students and alumni –  all still want  to change the world!’

Did you know?

The  IDD runs a joint postgraduate programme with the Department of  African Studies and Anthropology  (DASA), including an MA in Africa  and Development and PhDs.