Nine (and a half) degrees of Birmingham

The last issue of Old Joe featured three generations of Birmingham alumni from the same family, and asked you to share your family history at the University.


Pete Aston (BSc Geography and Geology, 1999) got in touch to say that an amazing  nine members of his family are UoB graduates including:

  • Pete’s parents: Brian Aston (BDS Dentistry,1968) and Pamela Aston (née Brook) (BDS Dentistry,1969), who met on the first day in High and Ridge  and later married.
  • Pete’s aunt and uncle: Elizabeth King (née  Brook) (BDS Dentistry, 1976) and Roger King  (BSc Chemical Engineering, 1973) also met at  Birmingham and later married.
  • Pete’s brother and sister-in-law: Philip  Aston (BSc Electrical Engineering and Computer  Science, 1995) and Sara Grierson (BA History, 1994;  PGCE Education, 1997) met here and later married.
  • Pete’s cousin once removed and his wife:  William Brook (BSc Physics, 1983) and Angela Brook  (née Groark) (Mathematics) also met at Birmingham  and later married.
Pete now works at the University and his 19-month-old son Marin (seen above)
is even at nursery here, making a grand total of nine and a half Birmingham
connections for the Aston family. 

Is that a record or could your family beat it?



If you would like to share your family connections with the University of Birmingham get in touch.