Get involved with the Barber

If you’ve ever wanted to have your say  on the Barber Institute of Fine Arts’  exhibitions and collections, the new  Barber Association is the society for you. 

Open to students and alumni, the  association will get people involved  in shaping a more dynamic, creative  Barber Institute. 

Through events from gallery guide  training and drawing sessions, to  exhibitor Q&As, members can find  out about the Barber and share their  thoughts on its work.  Andrew Davies, Communications  and Marketing Manager, says: ‘We  want students past and present to tell  us about what they want to see taking  place here. Members will also have  access to talks and networking events  featuring alumni who are now museum  and gallery professionals.’

If you work in a museum or gallery  and would like to share your experiences  with current students, contact

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Creating cultural careers

Alumni can help students to  complete a cultural internship at  the Institute through supporting  the Barber Benefactors’ Scheme.  For further information, visit