Rare bone legs it to Lapworth

A gift from an alumnus has enabled the Lapworth Museum  of Geology to buy an exceptionally rare dinosaur leg bone.


The anonymous alumnus funded the  purchase of the 1.2 metre femur bone  from a mature Cetiosauriscus, a type  of large sauropod dinosaur from the  middle Jurassic period, 165 million  years ago. Sauropods (well-known  types of which include Brachiosaurus  and Diplodocus) from England are  virtually unknown and this belongs to a  species only found in Northern Europe.

Jon Clatworthy, Director of the  Lapworth, says: ‘The femur is a fantastic  addition to the Lapworth Museum’s  collections and we are grateful to the  alumnus for his generous gift which  allowed us to acquire the specimen.  It fills a gap in the Lapworth’s collections,  as large sauropod bones of this type  are extremely rare in the UK. It will be  invaluable, both as a display piece and  educational tool, helping to demonstrate  the size of these iconic animals.’

Plans will shortly be submitted for a full  redevelopment of the Lapworth, following  the award of a development grant from  the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2013.

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It will be invaluable,  both as a display piece and an educational  tool.

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