Saving Mothers Lives

Aston Webb (R6 on campus map) - WG12
Arts and Science Festival
Monday 17th March 2014 (12:30-13:15)

Admission free, booking required. Please email Helen Williams at to reserve a place.

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There are still some places in the world where a girl is more likely to die in childbirth that receive education. 800 mothers die in childbirth or as a result of pregnancy-related complications every day. And for every woman who dies, it is estimated that another 20 mothers are left with serious injury or long term illness. Most of these tragedies are avoidable.

Ammalife – a charity working at the forefront of global women’s health – presents a short film programme to show how you can make a difference.

This event is presented by the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine as part of Arts & Science Festival 2014, a week-long celebration of ideas, research and collaboration across campus. For details of the full programme, visit: