366 Days of Kindness – A Talk

European Research Institute (G3 on campus map) - Lecture Room G51
Arts and Science Festival, Lectures Talks and Workshops
Friday 21st March 2014 (15:30-17:30)

Admission free, booking recommended. Please email Ruth Wareham at: R.J.Wareham@bham.ac.uk to reserve a place. 

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Arts & Science Festival 2014

In response to the riots of August 2011, Bernadette Russell committed to be kind to a stranger every single day for a year. Her experiences have recently been turned into multi-media theatre show which tells the heartbreaking, surprising and challenging stories of that year, which began with burning buildings and ended with the flame of the Olympic torch, against a global backdrop of social unrest and economic crisis.

Bernadette will describe her experiences and share her motivations in an inspiring talk. This will be followed by a panel discussion including academics from the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion who will attempt to answer the question: can kindness change the world?

This event is presented as part of Arts & Science Festival 2014, a week-long celebration of ideas, research and collaboration across campus. For details of the full programme, visit: www.birmingham.ac.uk/artsandsciencefestival.