Written in Stone: Mass Extinctions

Lapworth, Lapworth Museum - Earth Sciences Building (R4 on campus map)
Arts and Science Festival, Lectures Talks and Workshops
Thursday 20th March 2014 (18:30-19:30)

Admission free, booking recommended. Please email j.m.harris@bham.ac.uk to reserve a place. Please include your name and the title and date of the event you wish to attend.

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Cretaceous losers. Image courtesy the Lapworth Museum of Geology

Mass extinctions have dramatically shaped the history of life, creating biological revolutions that radically reshaped global ecosystems. This interactive event will explore the causes (e.g. asteroid impacts, climate change) of mass extinctions and their impacts on the evolution of life. In particular, we will explore the end-Cretaceous extinction, which killed the dinosaurs, and the end-Permian extinction, which wiped out nearly all life. 

This event is presented by the Lapworth Museum of Geology as part of Arts & Science Festival 2014, a week-long celebration of ideas, research and collaboration across campus. For details of the full programme, visit: www.birmingham.ac.uk/artsandsciencefestival.