Ruby's Room: Photographic Miniatures by Bettina von Zwehl

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts (R14 on map)
Arts and Law, Arts and Science Festival, Exhibitions
Friday 21st February (10:00) - Monday 26th May 2014 (17:00)
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Free. For more information, visit

Bettina von Zwehl, 'Eye Portrait (Ruby)', 2013. Necklace in collaboration with Laura Lee Jewellery. Copyright Bettina von Zwehl.

The freshest and best artistic talent to have emerged from the West Midlands’ five university art schools over the past three years is showcased here as part of a multi-site, now annual award exhibition.

 As well as a dedicated exhibition gallery, interventions among the Barber’s collection include some unexpected contemporary sculpture, painting and installation. This year’s selection includes a wide range of media and subject matter: a mixed-media, feminist take on Little Red Riding Hood; thought-provoking urban photography and painting; and beautiful, witty, and at times moving, contemplations on the relationships between humans, their environment and medical science – captured in found wood, bees’ wax and even human hair.