A unique opportunity to hear Maori music and song!

Bramhall Music Building
Lectures Talks and Workshops
Thursday 17th October 2013 (17:30-18:00)

This is a free event, open to members of the University and members of the public. Although the event is free, please contact Julie Shore on shorejl@bham.ac.uk to book your place as places are limited.

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BHM 2013

After the repatriation seminar, we will be moving on to the newly opened Bramall Music Building.   

Maori elders will be giving a presentation about

  •  traditional Maori waiata (chants and songs)
  •  musical instruments including the putatara (conch shell trumpet), 
  •  koauau and Nguru (two types of Maori flutes).  

They will play the instruments and also sing examples of their waiata (chants and songs), which will form part of a formal handover ceremony of ancient Maori remains the following day. 

This informal presentation will be a must for anyone interested in ancient forms of music, traditional native cultures and the richness of diverse inheritance. Come along to hear and meet our Maori guests.