Blank Canvas

Barber Institute of Fine Arts Foyer
Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Exhibitions, International, Medical and Dental Sciences, Social Sciences, Students
Monday 24th March 2014 (11:30-14:30)

Peter Haggett
Tel: 07742816191

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Careers Network and the Barber Institute are joining forces to reflect on what students at the University of Birmingham want to be when they grow up. 

We’ve all had dreams about how we’re going to spend our lives, they might stem from childhood hopes or perhaps they’re as a result of more recent experiences. No matter where you envisage yourself going, or where you are at the moment, the Careers Network is here to help turn your aspirations into a reality. Come and visit us in the foyer of the Barber Institute building on the 24th March to tell us where you see yourself going and have it incorporated into your portrait drawn by a professional artist onto a tote bag. Afterwards, you can have your CV checked over and your questions answered by Careers Network staff in an informal atmosphere at one of the most beautiful galleries in Europe. As a tribute to both the launch of a new postgraduate careers portal on Canvas and the Barber Institute, this event has been dubbed ‘Blank Canvas’. We hope that this metaphor serves as a reminder to everyone at the University that his or her direction as a graduate is something they have ultimate creative control over. 

The Careers Network is a resource to help with every step of this – come and see how, and get a free tote bag in the process!