Midlands Viking Symposium

Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Arts and Law, Lectures Talks and Workshops
Saturday 26th April 2014 (10:00-16:00)

Caroline Ashton
Tel: 0121 414 9136
Email: c.e.ashton@bham.ac.uk

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The Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester are proud to announce the tenth Midlands Viking Symposium, an event designed to bring together enthusiasts in Viking Studies. Talks will include: 

'Sick Vikings' - Dr Christina Lee (University of Nottingham)
How did people respond to illness and how did the sagas represent illness and disease? 

‘Did the Vikings sacrifice their slaves?’ - Dr Chris Callow (University of Birmingham) 
Have historians and archaeologists made too much (or not enough) of sensationalist reports of Viking cruelty? 

‘Resolving Viking Age Repton? New techniques on old bones’ - Cat Jarman (University of Bristol)
Presents the latest news on the scientific analysis of this well-known ‘Viking’ cemetery. 

'A glove in hood’s clothing? Hrólfs saga kraka and Beowulf, once more with humour' - Dr Philip Shaw (University of Leicester)
How did heroic traditions get transferred from Anglo-Saxon to Old Norse literary culture? 

'Grettir’s Secret Formula’ - Dr Slavica Rankovic (University of Leeds)
Looks at how the Saga of Grettir allows us to understand the saga tradition ‘The Viking Age farm’- Bernadette McCooey (University of Birmingham) How did Viking Age farmers actually manage their farms in Iceland? 

The day costs £30 per person; this includes registration, all hand outs, lunch and refreshments.