Function III: The Urban Landscape as Photographic Panorama

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Alumni, Arts and Law, International, Research, Students, Teaching
Friday 7th September (10:00) - Sunday 25th November 2012 (17:00)
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© Aasima Pathan, Panorama of Birmingham Markets, 2012

Now in its third year, the Barber Institute’s photographic competition Function III, in collaboration with Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), showcases the best young, creative talent. The theme this year is the urban landscape and their exciting new exhibition Cityscapes: Panoramic Views on Coins and Medals, where undergraduate students from BIAD’s degree in Visual Communication take inspiration from the exquisite designs on 16th – 18th century European coins and medals to create much larger, photographic panoramic views of Birmingham.

The exhibition is one of two new shows depicting new and original works of art with Birmingham as a subject matter. Living City - Sarah Silverwood opened in the Barber Institute's galleries on Friday 31 August. This wonderful small display features drawing montages of Birmingham's old and new buildings, its construction sites and traffic jams, in a style influenced by everything from 19th-century literature to comic-book takes on the concept of the city.