Larger Than Life: Colossal Coins

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
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Thursday 10th November 2011 (10:00) - Wednesday 18th January 2012 (17:00)

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Brutus Coin

Silver denarius minted in the name of Brutus, c. 43 BC

Get ‘up close and financial’ with one of the world’s finest collections of Roman, Byzantine and Medieval coins, permanently housed at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. Large-scale images of some of the key coins from the collection will be projected in this gallery, including pieces rarely seen on public display.

Coins are little pieces of art we carry around in our pocket and the Barber’s historic collection reveals details about the economy, politics and religion of past individuals and societies. By seeing these objects in a larger context, one can view the coins as one would view a painting or sculpture, appreciating the art and fine process of coin-making over the last two millennia.

Our coin collection of some 16,000 coins and seals can be found in the Coin Study Room and can be viewed by appointment. For further details contact us on 0121 414 7332 or