Lady Barber Gallery, First Floor, Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Friday 13th September (10:00) - Sunday 10th November 2013 (17:00)

Tel: 0121 414 7333

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Three of the Barber Institute’s best-loved paintings as you’ve never heard them before… For this exciting sound installation, a collaboration with The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, three postgraduate composers were commissioned to create new, short, electroacoustic pieces, inspired by works in the Barber collection. They chose three very different pictures – Daubigny’s brooding 18th century French Seascape, c. 1867, Renoir’s charming Impressionist work Young Woman Seated, c. 1876, and Magritte’s surrealist conundrum The Flavour of Tears, 1948. Sonic Visions offers the opportunity to re-experience these pictures, accompanied by the very different sound works that they inspired, performed in eight-channel surround sound. All three composers – Constantinos Kontos (Greece), Julien Guillamat (France) and Chris Tarren (UK) – are regular performers with BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre), the performance wing of the University’s electroacoustic music studios. BEAST’s aim is to bring a dramatic and immersive sonic experience to its audience – space, movement and the evocation of place are key aspects of its approach, all of which feature in these exciting new works.