Generations Betrayed - race, class, education and social mobility in Post war Britain

R19 School of Education, Room 524
Research, Social Sciences, Students
Wednesday 31st October 2012 (14:00-16:00)

Aidan Thompson, Research Administrator
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Professor Gus John (Credits: Ashley Karrell Photography (

Professor Gus John

Research seminar

With speaker Professor Gus John from the Institute of Education, University of London. 

Globalisation and the movement of people from the South to the North as economic migrants and as refugees and asylum seekers escaping armed conflict and political repression have led to a much changed social landscape in Britain in the last four decades. Notions of cultural diversity and multiculturalism have been challenged vociferously, undergirding the growth of Islamophobia in Britain as a consequence of the 2001 disturbances in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham; the 9/11 massacre in New York and the subsequent USA/Britain initiated ‘war on terror’, and the July 2007 bombings on the transport system in London.

In this lecture, Gus John explores the need for an education system in Britain that focuses more pointedly on intercultural education and for internal dialogue within and between ethnic and religious communities, such that those communities do not become polarised while the education system continues to operate as if it is dealing with an undifferentiated mass of people whose ‘diversity’ is acknowledged as ‘enriching Britain’, while systems of oppression within and directed against those communities continue apace.

A short rejoinder to this presentation will be provided by Professor David Gillborn from the School of Education.

Cost: free of charge