Photo of students at the Law Fair at the University of Birmingham

CEPLER was created to enhance, expand and coordinate the range of extra curricular activities available to Birmingham Law School students. Opportunities, including pro bono projects, the advocacy programme, and our diverse range of careers initiatives, provide hands-on insight into and experience of the law as it is practised day-to-day. CEPLER also gives students the opportunity to gain experience of legally-related careers outside the profession.

CEPLER's professional partnerships are also instrumental in the development of our provision of practitioner-led teaching with the introduction of practice-based modules.

CEPLER's research is responsive to the transformation occurring in the legal profession and legal education. With the support of expert colleagues, associates and practitioner collaborators, CEPLER is fostering an ambitious and timely research agenda.

With a dedicated team of academic, practitioner and administrative staff, CEPLER is maximising  the scope of student employability. The CEPLER Professional Development Scheme (CPD), launched in September 2013 for incoming first years, values students' commitment and dedication to skills development gained through participation in CEPLER activities. CPD progress is cumulative throughout the course. Students who have achieved an outstanding result are recognised through a CPD Award.