CEPLER Professional Development

Students revising on Campus

The CEPLER Professional Development scheme (CPD) recognises the value of students’ commitment to the extensive range of extra-curricular activities available through CEPLER, which includes: Career Development, Pro Bono activity, and Mooting & Debating. 

Just as practitioners are required to maintain their knowledge and skills through Continuous Professional Development, CEPLER Professional Development credits enable you to evidence the advancing skills, experience and confidence which will enhance your future employability.

Over half of all recruiters surveyed warn that graduates who have had no previous work experience are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer. (Research by High Fliers, 2014)

Who is the Scheme for?

The CPD scheme is open to all First Year and Second Year students in the 2014-15 academic year and will award values for all CEPLER extra-curricular and careers-related pursuits. CPD is an optional scheme and you can participate at any point during the year, but activities can only be accounted for if attendance or participation can be verified.

How is CPD activity valued?

Each CEPLER activity is allocated a value that reflects the commitment required of participants and CPD credits will be allocated to all registered participants in each activity. For example:

  • A standard non-curricular lecture will attract a small value of CPD credits;
  • An interactive careers workshop, a slightly higher value;
  • The commitment demonstrated by a FLAG Coordinator, for example, will be granted a much higher CPD value.

CPD progress is cumulative throughout the life of the degree and a statement of achievement will be added to your individual record to enable meaningful reference to be made to these achievements by personal tutors.

How is the Scheme recognised?

At the end of your degree you will be awarded a CPD Certificate, which provides prospective employers with an accurate reflection of the skills, experience and professionalism you’ve gained through your commitment to extra-curricular activity.

High achievement in CPD will also be recognised through the CPD Awards; an annual event that presents Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to those with outstanding accomplishments in CEPLER Professional Development.

In addition, a CPD award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level can contribute to a Personal Skills Award (PSA), the University’s celebrated cross-campus employability scheme.