People involved

Dr Helen CooperThe Director of the Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility is
Professor Helen J. Cooper

Professor Cooper has over 20 years experience in the development and applications of mass spectrometry for biomolecular and chemical structural analysis. 
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Day-to-day management of the Facility is undertaken by Dr Cleidiane Zampronio, Scientific Officer. Cleidiane is also responsible for proteomics analyses.


The NERC Metabolomics Facility utilises the Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility. Dr Ulf Sommer, manager of the NERC Metabolomics Facility, is responsible for NERC metabolomics samples.  

Dr Jennifer Kirwan is the Metabolomics Service Manager for metabolomics samples outside of the NERC remit. 

Dr Will Allwood is Experimental Officer for the Systems Science for Health initiative.

Major users of the Facility include Dr Helen Cooper, Professor John Heath, Professor Mark Viant and Dr Rick Dunn.