Microscopes within the BALM facility

A video of the Nikon A1R Inverted Confocal/TIRF in use by one of our PhD students.

The following is a selection of the microscope facilities available:

Leica SP2 Upright Confocal

Leica SP2 Upright Confocal on 1st floor of Biosciences with spectral detector, plus colour digital camera system with image overlaying and archiving


Leica SP2 Inverted Confocal

Leica SP2 Inverted Confocal on 6th floor of Biosciences with spectral detector and environmental chamber


Nikon A1R Inverted Confocal/TIRF

Nikon A1R Inverted Confocal/TIRF on 8th floor of Biosciences with resonant scanner, environmental chamber, spectral detector, EMCCD, 'Perfect Focus System' and motorised XYZ (including piezo-Z)


Nikon TE300 Inverted Epi-fluorescence

Nikon TE300 Inverted Epi-fluorescence on 8th floor of Biosciences with environmental chamber and motorised XYZ


Zeiss LSM 710 Confocor 3

Zeiss-LSM710Located on the 8th floor of Biosciences. Laser scanning confocal microscope with integrated fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS)

In addition to training and technical assistance we also provide data analysis capabilities through our dedicated workstation