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  • Badley, John (fl 1802-03): surgery case book, 1802-03. Finding No: MS715
  • Baggs, Mabel Constance (1898-1984), CMS missionary:
    photographs, books and other papers, 1900-74. Finding No: CMS/ACC449;
    copy of reminiscences during internment in Japan, 1941-45. Finding No: CMS/ACC475;
    printed material and photographs, 1940s-1970s. Finding No: CMS/ACC547
  • Bagot, Charlotte Anne Philippina (1835-1925) (nee Pearse): diaries, 1852-1925. Finding No: MS51
  • Baker, Slade (fl 1815-40), solicitor, of Bewdley, Worcestershire: business correspondence, 1785-1842. Finding No: SB
  • Balchin, Nigel Marlin (1908-1970), author: screenplay, 1946. Finding No: MS615
  • Bandinel, James Julius Frederick (1845-1912): letter book, 1894-95.Finding No: MS563
  • Bandinel, Julia Marian (1859-1950): personal diary, including travels and visits, 1878-96. Finding No: MS563
  • Bantock, Sir Granville Ransome (1868-1946), composer: music manuscripts, 1888-1946. Finding No: GB;
    correspondence with Josef Holbrooke, 1900-40. Finding No: MS79;
    letters to his son, Raymond, 1911-30. Finding No: MS140
    letters to Ernest Newman, 1899-1920s. Finding No: MS182
  • Bantock, Herman Sutherland (1874-1965), musician: papers, 1885-1974. Finding No: MS33
  • Bantock, Raymond Robert Marcus (b 1900):
    letters from Josef Holbrooke and other papers, 1940s-50s. Finding No: MS63;
    letters from his father, the composer, Granville Bantock, 1911-30. Finding No: MS140
  • Barber, Lady Martha Constance Hattie (1869-1933), benefactress and founder of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts: letters from Joane M. B. Stevens, The White House, Eynsham, Oxfordshire concerning the history of Culham Court, with associated research notes. Finding No: LAdd/6366-6370
  • Baring-Gould, Edith see Gould, Edith Baring-
  • Barling, Edith Madge (b c 1888): letters to her and her father, Gilbert Barling, 1927-33. Finding No: EB
  • Barnes, Ernest William (1874-1953), Bishop of Birmingham: correspondence and papers, 1888-1953. Finding No: EWB
  • Barrett, Eaton Stannard (1786-1820), writer and poet: poetry, c 1809. Finding No: MS8
  • Barrington, Kincot (fl 1688): sermons, 1688. Finding No: MS375
  • Bartleet, Edwin (1802-1876), surgeon: certificates of medical qualifications, 1824-25. Finding No: MS764
  • Bartleett, Lavinia F. (fl c 1850), wife of Charles Bartleett: diary of a travels to France and Italy, 1850-51. Finding No: MS447
  • Bartleet, Thomas Hiron (1837-1891), surgeon: certificates of medical qualifications, 1856-61. Finding No: MS764
  • Bartram, Reginald Swayne (1864-1930), Anglican clergyman: family, personal and business papers, 1885-1930. Finding No: MS103
  • Baskerville, George Knyfton (1867-1941), CMS missionary: typescript of journal, 1891-92. Finding No: CMS/ACC917
  • Batley, Dorothea Sibella (1878-1943), CMS missionary: papers, 1912-43. Finding No: CMS/ACC572
  • Baumgardt, David (1890-1963), Professor of Philosophy: papers. Finding No: DA64
  • Bayard family of London and New York: legal papers, correspondence and other papers, 1585-1915. Finding No: MS83
  • Beake, Fred (b 1948), writer: literary and personal papers, c 1965-2000. Finding No: MS226
  • Beale, Charles Gabriel (1843-1912), solicitor, Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham 1900-1912: illuminated scroll giving Alderman Beale the Honorary Freedom of the City of Birmingham, 1912. Finding No: MS794
  • Bedingfeld, Charlotte, Lady (1770-1854) nee Jerningham: family correspondence and journals, 1776-1833. Finding No: JER
  • Beke, Charles Tilstone (1800-1874), Abyssinian explorer: papers, c1830-91. Finding No: MS510
  • Belcher, James (fl 1793), printer and bookseller, of Birmingham: diary, 1793. Finding No: MS562
  • Bellamy, Sister Evelyn (fl 1924-76), missionary: papers, 1924-76. Finding No: MS753
  • Benedict, Georgina (fl 1853): journal and exercise books, 1853. Finding No: MS811
  • Benham, Gilbert (fl 1920s-1950s), organ scholar: glass plate negatives of organ consoles, mid 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Bennett, George D. (fl 1953-72), CMS missionary: papers, 1953-72. Finding No: CMS/ACC29
  • Bennett, Peter Frederick Blaker (1880-1957), MP and industrialist: personal, political, and business papers, 1930-85. Finding No: MS1
  • Benton family of Old Hill, Staffordshire: family letters, principally relating to the Second World War, 1920s-70s. Finding No: MS759
  • Bergonzi, Bernard (b 1929), author: collected papers relating to David Lodge, 1972-2003. Finding No: MS171
  • Bernau, John Henry (fl 1841-57), CMS missionary: papers, 1841-57. Finding No: CMS/ACC30
  • Bertram, Mary (1905-1981), CMS missionary: papers, 1940-50. Finding No: CMS/ACC505
  • Bidlake, Eric (1905-1936): album presented to him by friend, Lew Lake, as a memento of England and the YMCA on his emigration to the USA, 1931. Finding No: YMCA/ACC39
  • Binks, Joe (1874-1966), athlete: papers, 1838-1957. Finding No: JB
  • Bishop, Eric Francis Fox (1891-1976), CMS missionary: papers, 1928-76. Finding No: CMS/ACC389
  • Blackmore, Edward (1824-1900), shipmaster and engineer: journal, 1845-46. Finding No: MS3
  • Blandford, Henry (fl 1846): specimens of penmanship, 1846. Finding No: MS629
  • Blewett, Richard R. (b 1881) of Redruth, Cornwall: papers relating to his research into surname distribution in Cornwall, 1950s. Finding No: MS240
  • Blunt, Charles (1800-1864), diplomat: official and private correspondence, 1836-50. Finding No: MS46
  • Blunt, Fanny Janet (b c 1839-1926) nee Sandison: writings and personal papers, 1881-1930. Finding No: MS46
  • Blunt, Sir John Elijah (1832-1916), diplomat: personal and official papers and correspondence, 1852-1916. Finding No: MS46
  • Blyth, George Francis Popham (1832-1914), CMS missionary, Bishop of Jerusalem 1887-1904: correspondence and other papers, 1898-1912. Finding No: CMS/ACC386
  • Bonnell family: copies of letters, 1701-82. Finding No: MS410
  • Booth, Martin (1944-2004), poet: literary and personal papers, 1958-2004. Finding No: MB
  • Bowden, Lorna Alberta (fl 1921-53), CMS missionary: personal papers, diaries and photographs, 1922-53. Finding No: CMS/ACC296
  • Bowlby, Alfred Elliott (1850-1950), CMS missionary: oil painting and group photograph, 1890. Finding No: CMS/ACC575
  • Boyle, William John (1830-1915): diaries, 1854-1915. Finding No:MS118
  • Bracey, Charles James (1838-1887) of Birmingham, surgeon: account of a journey to the West Indies, 1885. Finding No: MS345
  • Braddock, Albert Percy (b 1877): personal papers relating to his involvement with the YMCA's education scheme for the armed forces in France, 1918-19. Finding No: YMCA/ACC15
  • Bradshaw, Robert Haldane (fl 1782-1833), MP of Worsley, Manchester: correspondence and other papers, 1782-1823. Finding No: MS65
  • Braithwaite, Margaret Mary (1910-1986) nee Masterman, writer: literary and family papers, 1887-1940s. Finding No: MS122
  • Brandreth, Hilda of Smethwick, Birmingham (fl 1951): a personal letter including reference to the behaviour of University of Birmingham students during carnival week, 1951: Finding No: LAdd/6392
  • Bray family of Stratton, Cornwall: letters to Mrs A. Bray, Miss Margaret Bray and Miss Amanda Bray, 1828-80. Finding No: MS186
  • Brereton, William (fl 1875-c 1900), CMS missionary: papers, 1875-96. Finding No: CMS/ACC1
  • Bridgeman, Charlotte Anne (d 1858), daughter of the 2nd Earl of Bradford: diary, 1846-47. Finding No: MS204
  • Bridges, William (fl mid 17th century): sermons, mid 17th century. Finding No: MS427
  • Bridgewater, Ernest Leslie (1893-1975), composer: manuscript music scores of compositions; published scores, c 1930-70. Finding No: LB
  • Brighty, Mary Ellen (fl 1874-1963), CMS missionary: personal papers 1874-1957. Finding No: CMS/ACC113
  • Britton, Jasper (b 1962), actor: Britton's personal annotated copies of scripts for plays in which he has acted (Collection held at the Shakespeare Institute Library). Finding No: DSH27  
  • Brodie, David (fl 1866-1923), CMS missionary: papers, 1866-1923. Finding No: CMS/ACC23
  • Bromwich family of Bromwich Castle: armorial roll, c 1650-1800. Finding No: MS297
  • Brooke, Graham Wilmot- (1865-1892), CMS missionary: papers, 1883-92. Finding No: CMS/ACC82
  • Brown, Alec (1900-1962), poet: papers, 20th century. Finding No: MS100
  • Brown, Leslie Wilfrid (1912-1999), CMS missionary: printed papers, correspondence and notes, 1920-77. Finding No: CMS/ACC385
  • Brown, Thomas (fl 1785-96), rector of Tideswell, Derbyshire: diaries, 1785-96. Finding No: MS509
  • Bryce family of Birmingham: commonplace book with watercolour drawings, c 1846-53. Finding No: MS74
  • Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton (1762-1837), English bibliographer and genealogist: sonnets, 1836. Finding No: MS699
  • Buckland, Elvina MarieRose (1891-1979), CMS missionary: papers and photographs, 1947-50. Finding No: CMS/ACC421
  • Bull, Lilian (fl 1928-53), CMS missionary: photographs and other papers, 1928-43. Finding No: CMS/ACC127
  • Bunce, John Thackray (1828-1899): letters and manuscripts collected by him and personal and family papers, 1546-1896. Finding No: BU
  • Burcher, Frances Sarah (fl early 19th century): commonplace book of poems and verses, early 19th century. Finding No: MS136
  • Burden, Charles (1881-1960), CMS missionary: papers, 1907-25. Finding No: CMS/ACC406
  • Burland, John Burland Harris- (1870-1926), scholar and author: notebook, c 1901-25. Finding No: MS393
  • Burn, John Henry (fl 1870s), clergyman and organ scholar: notebooks, c 1874-75. Finding No: BOA
  • Burton, E. (fl 1819-21) of Birmingham: journal, 1819-21. Finding No: MS783
  • Bushnell, George Herbert (Bert) (fl 1903-61): papers relating to war service, c 1903-21. Finding No: MS212
  • Busoni, Ferrucio (1866-1924), Italian composer:
    letters, 1912-24. Finding No: MS16;
    newscuttings and photographs, 1918-53. Finding No: MS444
  • Butler, Charles (1750-1832), English lawyer and writer: lecture notes, c 1830. Finding No: MS684
  • Butterfield, Roland Potter (b c 1875), CMS missionary: personal and official papers relating to his service as a missionary and his career as a clergyman, c 1885-1965.  Finding No: CMS/ACC920
  • Bythell, John William (d 1851), solicitor of Shrewsbury: collections of his poetry, cuttings, broadsheets made by Edward Edwards of Shropshire, 1825-51. Finding No: MS144