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  • Salt family of Birmingham: commonplace book, with watercolour drawings, c 1846-53. Finding No: MS74
  • Sampson, Miss (fl 1827-54): commonplace book, 1827-54. Finding No: MS749
  • Sanford, Percy Gerald (1862-1912): notes on medical and physiological subjects, 1792-1880. Finding No: MS763
  • Sargant, Norman Carr (b 1909), Methodist missionary and Bishop of Mysore: papers relating to mission work in South India and to the Church of South India, 1911-81. Finding No: DA36
  • Sayell, Margaret Katie (fl 1925-40), CMS missionary: photographs and other papers, 1925-40. Finding No: CMS/ACC368
  • Sayer, Michael (1934-2010), organist and organ historian: collection of papers and cuttings from rare newspapers, late 19th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Schnadhorst, Francis (1840-1900), Liberal politician:
    scrap albums and addresses, 1886-1912. Finding No: MS18
    correspondence and papers, 1867-1901. Finding No: MS170
  • Schneider, H. Peter (1928-1982), clergyman: papers relating to Jewish-Christian relations, 1960s-70s. Finding No: DA37
  • Schon, James Frederick (fl 1802-93), CMS missionary:
    papers relating to translation work, 1850-93. Finding No: CMS/ACC78;
    family papers, 1840-1938. Finding No: CMS/ACC726
  • Scott, James Avit (fl 1940s): medical notebooks and paper, 1940s. Finding No: MS712
  • Scudamore, Edward (1741-1813), MD, surgeon of Canterbury: Manuscript notes comprising translations into English of extracts of works on insects by René Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur, [18th cent]. Finding no: LAdd/6388-6391
  • Scull, Harold Thomas (1898-1971), organist: specification notebooks and cathedral notebooks, early 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Selwyn, George Theodore (1887-1957), CMS missionary, Bishop in Tinnevelly 1945-53: photographs and other papers, 1907-64. Finding No: CMS/ACC395
  • Senhouse, Roger Henry Pocklington (1899-1970), publisher and bibliophile:
    personal papers, 20th century. Finding No: MS314
    notebook, mid 20th century. Finding No: MS319
  • Senhouse family: papers, 1731-1966. Finding No: MS314
  • Seward, Anna (1747-1809), author: miscellaneous letters. Finding No: AS
  • Seymour, Frances, Duchess of Somerset (1699-1754), poet, letter writer and patron of the arts: letter book, 1748-54. Finding No: MS745
  • Shaw, Archibald (1879-1956), Archdeacon, CMS missionary in Sudan:
    correspondence and journals, 1905-30. Finding No: CMS/ACC111
    photographs, 1908-40. Finding No: CMS/ACC398
  • Shaw, Archibald Downes- (1857-1939), Anglican clergyman and CMS missionary:
    account of journey, 1877. Finding No: MS12
    papers, 1880-89. Finding No: CMS/ACC36
  • Shaw, Charles Lawrence (1886-1965), CMS missionary, Canon of Bombay 1940-1950: diaries and other papers, 1912-59. Finding No: CMS/ACC162
  • Shaw, Lilian Compigne (1884-1954) nee Guildford, CMS missionary: diaries and other papers, 1914 and 1929. Finding No: CMS/ACC162
  • Shaw family of Wolverhampton: correspondence between John Shaw, travelling salesman and his wife Elizabeth, 1805-39. Finding No: SHAW
  • Sherborne, Veronica (1922-1990), teacher of physical education and physiotherapist: publications, articles, research papers, photographs, videos, films and slides, 1950s-90s. Finding No: MS48
  • Shipton, W. Edwyn (b c 1826), Secretary of the City of London YMCA: diary, 1889. Finding No: YMCA/ACC1
  • Shiskin, Nikolai Pavlovich (fl 1863-97): papers and literary manuscripts, 1863-97. Finding No: SP
  • Shuckburgh, Sir Charles Arthur Evelyn (1909-1994), civil servant and diplomat: Diaries, correspondence and papers, 1926-95. Finding No: MS191
  • Shuttleworth, Lawrence (1545-1608), clergyman: sermons, c 1585. Finding No: MS451
  • Sicard, Harald von (d 1973): research papers, 1920s-70s. Finding No: DA68
  • Sills, Alfred (1880-1937), CMS missionary: correspondence, notes and sermons, photographs, 1920s-30s. Finding No: CMS/ACC548
  • Simmons, Blanch (fl 1889-90), daughter of General Sir John Lintorn Arabin Simmons: journal as companion to her father, 1889-90. Finding No: MS25
  • Simon family of Breslau: correspondence and other papers of and relating to Heinrich Simon of Breslau (1805-1860) and his family, 1807-1866. Finding No: HS
  • Sitwell, Edith (1887-1964): poems and other papers relating to the literary work of the Sitwells, 1922-30. Finding No: MS671
  • Skirrow, Emily (fl 1841-88), wife of Walter Skirrow QC: travel journal, 1863-88. Finding No: MS11
  • Slaney, Robert Aglionby (1792-1862), politician and social reformer:
    journals and notebooks, 1815-54. Finding No: RAS
    letters, 1825-64. Finding No: EYT
  • Slaney family of Shropshire: compilation of genealogical and printed materials, correspondence and other papers relating to the history of Shropshire. Finding No: SL
  • Smith, G. L (fl 1900-1919) clergyman: bound typescript entitled, 'War journals
    England 1918-1919 and other papers' written by Reverend Smith. Finding No: MS869
  • Smith, Henry John Lane- (fl 1870-1962), CMS missionary: papers, 1901-38. Finding No: CMS/ACC33
  • Smith, John (fl 1837-44) of Turnham Green: letters, 1837-44. Finding No: MS138
  • Smith, Joshua Toulmin (1816-1869) of London, writer, publicist and lawyer: letters, 1863-67. Finding No: MS336
  • Smith, R. A. (fl 1865), schoolboy: diary, 1865. Finding No: MS88
  • Smith, (Rodney) Gipsy (b 1860), evangelist and YMCA war worker: papers, 1916-21. Finding No: YMCA/ACC2
  • Smith, Sidney Richard (1873-1946), CMS missionary: correspondence and photographs, 1895-1945. Finding No: CMS/ACC579
  • Smith family: journal of a visit to France, 1824. Finding No: MS529
  • Smyth, James (fl 1793-1820) of Quickswood, Hertfordshire: accounts, 1793-1820. Finding No: MS283
  • Soloveytchik, George (b 1902), financier, journalist and author: papers, principally printed, relating to his activities in and support of the British movement against Bolshevism during the Russian civil war, 1911-21. Finding No: MS19
  • Somerset, Raglan Horatio Edwyn Henry (1885-1956), journalist, translator and literary critic: poetry, mid 20th century. Finding No: RS
  • Spalding, Henry Norman (1877-1953): research papers, 1920-40. Finding No: DA40
  • Spalding, Kenneth Jay (1879-1962): research papers, 1920-40. Finding No: DA40
  • Sperling, John Hanson (1825-1894), Anglican clergyman and antiquary: microform copies of note books relating to organs, mid 19th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Spriggs, Emily Ruth (fl 1897-1904), CMS missionary: journal letters and photographs, 1897-1904. Finding No: CMS/ACC172
  • Spurr, Antony (1912-1982), CMS missionary: journal transcripts, 1939-49. Finding No: CMS/ACC419
  • Squire, Sir John Collings (1884-1958), writer and journalist: literary manuscripts, 1900s-50s. Finding No: JS
  • Stafford, Lady Susannah (1745-1805): letters to her daughter, Charlotte, Duchess of Beaufort, 1774-1805. Finding No: STA
  • Stanley, Edith Patricia (1919-2009), nurse: papers relating to her relief work with Palestinian refugees at a Church Missionary Society hospital in the Gaza strip, 1927-2009. Finding No: CMS/ACC925
  • Stansfield, Thomas Wolrich (1829-1910), Lt-General: journal as a major in the Indian army, 1871-78. Finding No: MS526
  • Stanton, William (Bill) Graham (1917-1999), author and radio playwright: script of radio documentary drama entitled 'Young Joey', 1968. Finding No: JCLAdd/623
  • Staunton, John (fl 1870s): collection of printed and manuscript poems, hymns and psalms, 1870s. Finding No: MS149
  • Stephen, Dorothea Jane (fl 1927-50), missionary in India: correspondence and papers, 1927-mid 20th century. Finding No: DA53
  • Stephenson, Edwin (fl 1893-1919): cuttings relating to musical career, 1893-1919. Finding No: MS775
  • Stern, Gladys Bronwyn (1890-1973), writer: revised typescript of the play, 'The Matriarch'. Finding No: MS842
  • Stevens, Charles (b 1852) of Lewisham, clerk: diary, 1889. Finding No: MS106
  • Stock, Eugene (1836?1928), administrator with and historian of the CMS: letter to Mr Chapman, 1902. Finding No: CMS/ACC918
  • Stone, Marjorie Anne Elizabeth (b 1908), CMS missionary: papers, 1950-77. Finding No: CMS/ACC559
  • Strangways, Pauline Mary (fl 1875): commonplace book, c 1875. Finding No: MS495
  • Stroelin, Emilie (fl 1881-1916), CMS and CEZMS missionary: personal letters and photographs, 1900-16. Finding No: CMS/ACC292
  • Strong, George (fl 1848-67), antiquary: research notes on history of Herefordshire, 1846-95. Finding No: MS340
  • Stubbs, Dorothy (1882-1976), CMS missionary: photographs, 1900-54. Finding No: CMS/ACC396
  • Sumner, H. (fl late 18th century): commonplace book containing Latin verse by English authors, late 18th century. Finding No: MS321
  • Swain, Joseph Harold (1898-1974): papers, including relating to his war, 1914-45. Finding No: MS199
  • Swanzy, Henry Valentine (b 1915), editor and broadcaster: correspondence, principally to the BBC radio programme Caribbean Voices, 1945-56. Finding No: MS42
  • Sweetman, James Windrow (d 1966), Professor of Islamics: research and other papers, 1930-59. Finding No: DA42
  • Swingler, Randall (1909-1967) poet and communist: personal, literary and family papers, 1890s-2005. Finding No: MS835
  • Symons, W. G. (Christopher) (fl 1930s-60s): papers, 1930s-60s. Finding No: DA43