Material loaned

Some items from our collections will be temporarily unavailable, as they have been loaned to other institutions for exhibitions.

Details of items on loan are listed below.  

Loans to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts 'Faith and Fortune' exhibition

On loan until 17 February 2015

  • Peckover Greek 7 (Rendel Harris Collection) 
  • Islamic Arabic 1563 folio 13 (Mingana Collection) 
  • Armenian 1 (Mingana Collection)

Loans to Leighton House Museum 'A Victorian Obession' exhibition 

On loan until 3 April 2015

All from the collection of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

  • AT/2/E980
  • AT/2/7687
  • AT/62/9303
  • AT/62/9311
  • AT/62/E2052
  • AT/64/9375
  • AT/66/9433
  • AT/98/10442
  • AT/118/E2644-E2650
  • AT/120/11102
  • AT/120/11103
  • AT/121/11113

Loans to the British Library 'Magna Carta' exhibition

On loan from 2 March 2015  - 12 September 2015

  • OMD/6/3/1 Letter from Sydney Freeman-Mitford to Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount Cranborne, on Regulation 18B, 13 December 1940 (Papers of Sir Oswald Mosley)
  • OMD/6/3/1 Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount Cranbourne to Sydney Freeman-Mitford, letter of reply, 30 December 1940 (Papers of Sir Oswald Mosley)