Our research culture

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The Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics, where CARE is located, together with the Department of English Literature have research interests across the full range of English language and literature.

English Language

We have had several renowned linguists at Birmingham - John Sinclair, Malcolm Coulthard, David Brazil, Michael Hoey, to name but a few. We are known for our leading work in corpus linguistics and have a dedicated centre for corpus research. The Collins Cobuild English language textbooks, which are internationally recognised as high quality English language training materials, were designed here. Currently, we contribute internationally to research in corpus linguistics, discourse studies and English language teaching. 

English Literature

Our research in English literature is wide-ranging. We have particular concentrations of research activity in Medieval English language and literature; Renaissance literature, including Shakespeare and his contemporaries in text and performance; the literature of the "long eighteenth century" (c. 1685 – 1815); the theory and practice of text editing; the history and sociology of book production from the Middle Ages to the present; and the origin, development and influence of literary and artistic Modernism.

See English Literature Research for more information.

Further information

You might like to browse the staff pages for English Language and English Literature on our website for more information about individual specialisms and publications.