Continuing students

Please note: The Centre for Modern Languages has changed its name to Languages for All (LfA).


If you wish to continue your MOMD language study in subsequent academic years, you should enrol in the Languages for All (LfA) office in the summer term of the current year to reserve your place. You will be given your module codes on enrolment. 

Initial meetings for continuing students are held during week 1 of the autumn term, and students should consult the LfA noticeboards on their return to the university for details of these meetings.  Subject to availability of places, we can accept additional enrolments during week 1 of the autumn term.


Courses will be timetabled in slots reserved for MOMD courses on the University block timetable as well as during the day or the evening. Please see the Language courses timetable

Course Structure

All language MOMDs comprise 2 hours of teaching per week. WebCT is used to supplement the contact hours with your tutor. For project-based courses, contact hours are reduced, but your course tutor is available at set times for advice and guidance. 


All language MOMDs are assessed by a written unseen examination and an oral examination, which take place in the first two weeks after the university Easter vacation.