Apply to use the CRF

If you wish to conduct your study in the Facility, early contact with the CRF staff is advisable.

Once the study has been submitted to the appropriate ethics committee (local or multi-centre) an application to use the Facility can be made.

The application form to use the CRF has been made as brief as possible and consists of a two page proforma. The application form should be accompanied with a copy of the ethics submission.

All projects submitted to the Facility are assessed by the CRF Scientific Advisory Committee whose role is:

  • to review new applications for scientific merit, feasibility and appropriateness for use of the CRFs
  • to review scientific aspects of all research undertaken through the CRF
  • to supervise and review the operation of the CRF and determine general scientific policies

Once the Committee has considered your application, you will then be notified in writing within 10 working days to advise if it has been accepted or declined.