Public engagement with the CRF

Professor barret - It's OK to askStudies are designed with patient benefit at the forefront. Therefore engagement with the public, patients, carers, patient representation groups and other consumers, is an essential feature of research development. 

All research within the CRF encourages communication:

  • a number of patient-centred groups raise disease awareness through the CRF by distribution of literature and advertising meetings
  • all studies administered through the CRF are first reviewed by COREC where lay members of the public have the opportunity to comment on study details
  • the CRF has previously held open days to allow members of the public to view the facility
  • patient and carer meeting are provided on an ad hoc basis
  • special visits can be arranged for smaller groups by contacting the management team on

Feedback forms are available for public users of the CRF upon request and the management welcome suggestions on how services may be improved.