About us


The Digital Humanities Hub (known outwardly as do.collaboration) harnesses the power of digital technologies to enrich learning experiences in the spheres of heritage and culture.

Working in cross-disciplinary, cross-sector partnerships across the creative economy, the expertise of Hub teams enables them to rise to the challenges of massive 2D and 3D data collection, analysis and visualisation for audiences accessing leading edge content on multi-touch, multi-user tables and walls in public spaces, on mobile devices or at home or work via the Internet.

Our aim is to design digital outputs that enable diverse groups of users to gain intuitive access to a vast wealth of information.

The Chowen and Garfield Weston Foundation Digital Prototyping Hall is a globally unique resource for user-testing beta and alpha versions of the team’s multiple outputs, allowing for the tracking, analysis and visualisation of user groups’ movements and digital interactions. As such, the efficacy of the Hub’s innovative outputs will be evidence based, ensuring that learning experiences are tailored to users’ needs and expectations whether they are engaging alone or collectively.