The Digital Humanities Hub offers access to innovative multi-user, multi-touch technologies, a range of handheld mobile devices and tablets, advanced user-testing facilities, superb 3D laser scanning facilities, large scale 3D visualisation lab, Augmented Reality tools, High Level Architecture (HLA), massive parallel and distributed computing power and Render Farms.

User tracking in the digital prototyping hall

Michael Chowen Prototyping Hall

The Hub houses the globally unique Michael Chowen  Prototyping Hall for user testing multi-touch, multi-user and mobile outputs, enables the tracking of up to 40 users’ movement and computer interactions, all of which can then be analysed using advance software, and visually represented. The Hall was conceived in partnership with Michael Chowen CBE DL.

  • A range of multi-touch tables including: Pixelsense, Ideum Pro and our own bespoke-built 65" tables.
  • 4 x vertically mounted 65" touch screens
  • 3m x 2m 4K 3D Multi-touch wall
  • A range of tablets and hand held devices
  • A portable 55" multi touch table
  • Microphone and speakers
  • Events/Conferencing capacity and facilities for up to 120 people

We also host a collection of industry standard production software for 3D modelling, animation and visualisation, games level editors, audio and video special effects, and multi-user servers for networked environments.