Hello Conference Special Preview Event


The Heritage and Cultural Learning Hub held a special preview yesterday evening as part of the city’s Hello Culture activities.

The University is this year partnering with the city's Hello Culture conference being held in Birmingham on 22 and 23 November. The conference will explore the interface between the cultural sphere and digital worlds.

The preview evening gave existing partners, colleagues from the University of Birmingham, other academic institutions, art galleries and museums the chance to see the Digital Heritage Demonstrator hall in action and experience the new technology available.

A positive and excited response was received from the attendees of the event, including Lee Lynch, University of Birmingham, who commented: “Having been involved in the initial estates project, to see the Digital Demonstrator Hall come into being from those initial design drawings to what we see now is quite spectacular. A great deal has been achieved and the team have done a great job.”

Brian Gambles, Library of Birmingham, commented: “I’m really impressed with the way the culture and the technology have started to integrate. This evening you can see how the two work together in unison”.

To follow up from the preview, John Sear and Dr Henry Chapman will be speaking at the Hello Culture conference. For more information visit www.hello-culture.co.uk.