Consultancy projects with Business

Through the Digital Heritage Demonstrator project, West Midlands Small to Medium Enterprises can access free of charge, tailored, technical consultancy support from our team of Technical Developers. To date we have worked with a number of businesses on a range of technical projects from prototype development, user testing and brokerage opportunities. For an idea of how we could collaborate with your business please read some of the examples of our work to date below.

Orangeleaf Systems Ltd

During 2012, the DHD team provided 5 days of consultancy support to a regional digital heritage consultancy business on a project that involved developing a Kinect application that allows users to navigate projected maps using mid-air gestures.

An evaluation was also conducted to explore the main interaction issues involved when using the application. The outcome of the work was the completed Kinect application and a short report detailing results of the evaluation.The team also worked with Orangeleaf to  address the work involved with integrating an existing application with a multi-touch user interface.

The work looked at key issues involved, potential solutions and the estimated amount of work required to complete the integration work.   We looked at an existing application built by the technical team at the Digital Heritage Demonstrator project, how it could Finally, the work looked into how this application would function in the real-world and what further work could be considered .

Sampad South Asian Arts

Over a six month period, we worked with a Midlands based, Arts Organisation to assist them in the development of a prototype design to then apply for further funding. 

Work included supporting the organisation in designing and creating initial prototypes, providing access to touch table facilities, hosting a focus group for gathering feedback on designs, and in advising about the costs of technical implementation. This support has helped in choosing a design that will be incorporated into a second stage funding application to hopefully build and deploy a fully functional application.

DigiConsultancy Ltd

In spring 2013, we completed a piece of consultancy support with a regional Digital company to develop a digital concept and report on the work completed in creating a mobile interactive wireframe. The wireframe was required as a "proof of concept" to demonstrate the functionality of a mobile application.

The team understood the business context  of the development and were able  to quickly understand and contribute  to the design. Chris Price, Digi Consultancy Ltd.

The team gave us professional support and space to create realistic and artistic designs and allowed us to meet similar minded people who could assist us with skills we did not have. Clayton Shaw, Sampad.

If you would like to see how your business could collaborate with us please contact us for further information or come along to our next CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) event.

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