STEM National Space Centre Touch Table

Through brokerage support and the use of our fantastic facilities, the Digital Heritage Demonstrator project were able to support the development of the HE-STEM Interactive Multi-Touch Table with Clusta Ltd and Junction Media. The table is now on show at the National Space Centre.

Image and text below courtesy of Clusta Ltd

Interactive multi-touch table

"The opportunities to be gained from a career in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – are not clearly understood by young learners aged 11-19 years. The HE-STEM Programme required an innovative and interactive facility designed for 21st century learning that gave students, parents and teachers the chance to explore the journey from school to university and into the workforce within the STEM fields of study. The aim was to develop wider participation by young learners who would not otherwise consider STEM or university options for their future.

Working in partnership with The National Space Centre and Junction Media, we developed a flexible and innovative multi-touch interface to present easy to understand information to young learners in an exciting and stimulating way.

The multi-touch feature and enticing interactive background encouraged playful interaction with the table. Participants answer a few fun questions before they begin to explore the diverse range of questions and video answers from 20 STEM professionals.

Participants are encouraged to share interesting content with others around the table through the intuitive multi-touch dragging feature. In addition, they’re able to continue exploring the STEM opportunities away from the table at home, school or college by electing to email themselves an information pack directly from the table interface.

This allows the comprehensive array of information and experiences to be fully appreciated by young learners and their families, helping to raise awareness of the accessibility and value of STEM careers."

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Image and text below courtesy of Junction Media

HE Stem poster"Perhaps the challenge of production of the last couple of years has been the switch from tape to digital acquisition, but this year’s challenge seems much more to do with presentation technologies.

The last few months has seen us producing hundreds of clips for a touch table. Those of us old enough to have been bowled over when air hockey hit the arcades in the seventies can now re-live the whole experience digitally, flicking pictures and files between users at either end of the table in the way we formerly used our bat with the puck.

But what does this and similar revolutions mean for us as media producers? Suddenly the control over a user’s journey has gone. For this touch table, we’ve made 20 clips about 20 different Science ambassadors, from BBC’s Sarah Cruddas through a scientist who is developing a method where dogs can detect cancer by smell to top engineers in household name companies like Caterpillar and Perkins Engine Company. Each story is fascinating, each one divided into questions about the life, education and university experiences of the scientist. But, each of the 400 clips needs to be fashioned to work with any of the others, be short enough to ensure that users always have something to keep their attention as they construct their own user journey and work in the noisy environment of a busy museum."

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