Our team at do.collaboration brings together academics and professionals from across the University.

Management Board

Academic Collaborators and Partners

The ERDF funded West Midlands Digital Heritage Demonstrator team

  • Juliet T Chikore - Project Manager
  • Joseph Sivell - Senior Technical Developer
  • John Sear - Senior Technical Developer
  • Dr Chris Creed - Technical Developer
  • Vanessa Rouse - Project Administrator

The AHRC funded CATH (Collaborative Arts Triple Helix) team

The Regions of Knowedge, SmartCulture project team

Research students

  • Andrew Lewis, PhD Student - Ancient Text Reconstruction (The Leverhulme Trust Funded, Dr E Ch'ng, PI.)
  • Gido Hakvoort, PhD Student - Connected Communities of Objects, Devices and People (Carol Kennedy PhD Scholarship, Dr E Ch'ng, Sup.)
  • Mohd Hafizuddin Mohd Yusof, PhD Student - Context Aware Sensing and Intelligent Sensor Networks (Telekom Malaysia Funded, Dr E Ch'ng, PI)