Johannah Latchem

Photograph of Johannah LatchemJohannah is Research Fellow to the AHRC Commons Fellow, Dr Richard Clay.  She is based in the Digital Humanities Hub at the University of Birmingham, a cross-disciplinary team that offers research and technical development to cultural organisations, digital companies, and academics working in collaboration on a range of innovative technologies. Johannah and Richard operate independently of the AHRC but are charged with offering them formative advice as they seek to develop and implement their new Commons initiative.

Before working on the AHRC Commons she was Research Associate on the AHRC-funded Collaborative Arts Triple Helix (CATH) research project, also led by Clay and based in the Digital Humanities Hub. The CATH project focused on brokering and researching collaborations across three sectors - small and medium sized enterprises, small cultural organisations, and HE researchers.  The project enabled 19 teams to produce digital prototypes in collaboration across 3 sectors; Johannah’s research formed the foundations of the CATH project’s published report.

Johannah has also worked as Research Associate on Digital Shakespeare, a collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham and major institutions, including: the British Library, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the RSC. The project was funded by the Birmingham-Nottingham Strategic Collaboration Fund. She remains research active in this field and is particularly interested in the implications that digital technologies have for the production and reception of live Shakespearean performance at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Her previous appointments include: Research Projects Manager in the Library and Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick, overseeing the funding and development of digital projects; Researcher in Learning and Teaching for 4 years at the Centre for Stakeholder Learning Partnerships, a HEFCE funded Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CETL) at Birmingham City University (BCU)where she conducted research into the application of educational digital technologies between cross-sector partners, her research informed the HEFCE funded CETL evaluation.  She also founded and co-organised the HEA and BCU funded CETL pedagogic research and evaluation network (IPREN) for 3 years, bringing together researchers from across disciplines in the CETL initiative and co-running the IPREN grants programme. Other appointments include teaching on a PCGE FE in Art and Design; teaching UG and PG research methods; and Education Outreach Officer at the Type Museum, London.

Johannah has published internationally in art education in the International Journal of Art and Design Education (iJADE) and studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London and Wimbledon School of Art. She has designed sets for theatre, directed film and practices as a fine artist.