Benefits of Hub partnerships for businesses

Photograph of a student interacting with a computer visualisationCollaborative production of Hub outputs benefits businesses by allowing them to develop innovative digital solutions in partnership with academics’ whose expertise can shape content, as well as scholars who are leading experts in, for example, Human Computer Interaction, psychology, massive dataset analysis, or visualisation.

Partners can also make use of facilities that would otherwise be unavailable. For example, the Hub offers access to massive compute power, superb 3D laser scanning facilities, render farming, and the Hub’s globally unique Prototyping Hall for user testing outputs with GLAMs’ diverse user groups.

Whether accessed online, on mobile phones, or via the multi-touch tables and walls in GLAMs’ high profile public display spaces, collaboratively produced Hub outputs serve as shop windows for businesses’ products and services.

Businesses working with Hub partners gain improved access to, and understanding of, the working practices and major supply chains of the heritage and cultural sectors.