Midland Microanalysis Users Group meetings

Forthcoming Meetings

Wednesday 31st October 2012, Loughborough University

Click here for the programme (PDF, 50KB).


Previous Meetings

Wednesday 14 March at University of Warwick

Meeting Theme was Quantification


 Wednesday 12th October 2011, Loughborough University
The topics and speakers were as follows.

  • Clair Collins Oxford Instruments. “Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy.”
  • Hans Dijkstra. Thermo Fisher Scientific. "Recent developments in Parallel-Beam WDS technology.”
  • Mark Jepson Department of Materials. University of Loughborough. "Secondary electron dopant contrast in SEM and HeIM.”
  • Hans Dijkstra Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Combined EBSD and EDS analysis”


Wednesday 23rd March 2001, Loughborough University.

The theme of this meeting was 3D Analysis. Speakers were:

  • Dr Richard Beanland (Department of Physics, University of Warwick)
    "3D measurement and analysis of Ni superalloys using FIB/SEM"
  • Dan Child (Department of Materials, Loughborough University)
    “The development and validation of a 3D EBSD/EDX serial milling technique to distinguish γ in a Ni-based superalloy”  


March 25 2009. Alstom Rugby, acknowledging the kind assistance of Janet Ivers.

The topics and speakers were as follows.

  • Exploring Practical Boundaries in Microanalysis - Noel Peat, Consultant, Derby
  • Spatial Variations in Minerals Chemistry; Clues to Deformation Mechanisms – Prof. John Wheeler, Liverpool University
  • Microanalysis in Geology - Dr. Mike Styles, British Geological Survey, Kegworth, and UAE
  • Microanalysis in Industry - Janet Ivers, Alstom, Rugby


19 November 2008, Loughborough University.
Engineering Materials at the Atomic Scale, Professor Alfred Cerezo, Professor of Materials, Oxford University.

The 3-D atom probe is unique in allowing chemical analysis of materials at the ultimate spatial resolution, that of individual atom. Ultra-fine scale microstructures in engineering materials which are important in defining their useful properties can be imaged in 3-D and with atomic resolution. The data available from the technique also allows a direct comparison with atomistic modelling of, for example, the formation of second phase precipitates in a steel. This talk will describe the atom probe tomography technique, with examples from steels used in power generation, and thin-film materials used for information storage devices.


Wednesday Oct 18th 2006 - Electron Backscattered Diffraction - Keith Dicks Oxford Instruments.



Wednesday March 29th 2006 - Celebrity Presentation on TEM microanalysis - Loughborough University.

Dale Newbury of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8371, USA, gave a lead talk at the October MMUG meeting on his latest work with the new ambient temperature high count rate ED detectors. (Abstract - pdf 12KB


Wednesday October 6th 2004 at Department of Metallurgy & Materials, University of Birmingham.

Analysis of C in steels, Stuart Saunders, (NPL)
Microanalysis in the study of phase transformations, Martin Strangwood, (Birmingham University)
Microanalysis of ceramics, Richard White, (Ceram) 


Wednesday March 31st, 2004 - Loughborough University.
Theme of the meeting related to forensics investigations.

Microanalysis in forensics (Forensic Microscopy - a close look at trace evidence), Alison Crossley (Materials, Oxford)
Review of Round Robin Results, Janet Ivers (Alstom)


Wednesday October 15th, 2003 - Alstom Technology Centre, Rugby.

Tour of Alstom Technology Centre Laboratories
Specimen preparation - Paul Brown (Nottingham University)
X-Ray Corrections and accuracy for EDX microanalysis - Peter Statham
Chemical Standards - Mike Matthews