Microarraying - Equipment and Services 

The Functional Genomics lab has a BioRobotics Microgrid TAS microarraying robot, capable of printing over 100 slides per run using samples stored in a temperature controlled biobank. Using a 16 or 48 pin tool the robot is able to produce high density slide arrays.

The lab also has an Axon 4000 slide scanner which, in tandem with the Genepix 3.0 analysis software, provide a powerful but easy to use platform for initial microarray analysis.

Additional to providing facilities for spotting and scanning of microarray slides the genomics lab can also provide advice on array design and labelling.

Microarraying RobotMicroarraying Information and Forms

The 2100 Bioanalyser

The 2100 Bioanalyser offers a quick and easy way to quantify and QC your RNA.

 Array Analysis - Genespring

The Genespring expression analysis software package is a powerful tool for the manipulation and analysis of microarray experiment data and there is a licensed version of the software available for use in the Genomics Lab. There are also 30 day trial versions of the software available on request.

Below is a link which gives an idea of Genespring's capabilities and help in using the software.

Hybridisation Equipment