QR codes

What are QR codes?    

QR codes are similar to barcodes in that they store information though they have a greater capacity than a barcode. 

What are they for?

They are designed to be a way of getting information onto a smart phone quickly and accurately.  Instead of manually typing in text, phone numbers or web addresses you use your bar code scanner app on your phone to 'read' the code and the information is transferred across onto your handset. 

What do I do with them?

If you have a smart phone or a Blackberry you can read the QR code using a scanning app.  You can read them from paper or from a computer screen.

Your phone will look at the information it has read and take the appropiate action. 

LocationFor example this QR code is a link to the location of the library on Google Maps .  If you scan it with your phone's barcode reader your phone will open up Google Maps and show you the location of Park House.  


Look out for other QR codes in the world on posters, food products, menus and catalogues.