ITroomcompressedFor further information with computing issues at home or at HSMC contact Emma Green

If you have forgotten your university username and password contact the IT Helpdesk on 0121 414 7171. 


How do I log on to the computers at HSMC?

You will need your University username and password.

Can I print at HSMC?

If you are a member of the university log onto a university computer in the IT Room using your user name and password and then you will be able to print provided that you have sufficient funds on your account.  

You can pay money onto your account in the library. Transactions are cash only and the price is 5p per A4 sheet.

Is there a colour printer at HSMC?

No, we do not have a colour printer.  The nearest one on campus is in the Main Library. 

Can I bring my laptop into HSMC?

Yes you can.  Make sure you bring your University username and password so you can access the Internet via the wireless.

If you are not a member of the University you can bring in your laptop but you will not be able to access the Internet via the wireless network. 

How do I get onto the wireless network?  

This applies to members of the university only. 

Make sure you bring your University username and password to log into the network. 

Connecting your laptop to the WiFI

The instructions for connecting to the University's network vary depending on the operating system of your computer.  Consult the Help pages for step by step instructions on connecting to the internet;

If you experience any problems with connecting to the network bring your device to the library for us to look at.  If we are unable to help you, you call log a call to the university IT Helpdesk

How do I get help with IT problems at HSMC?

Ask us about any problems you are having with IT.  If we cannot help you we will be able to tell you who can. 

You can also contact the IT Helpdesk on 0121 414 7171. 

Can I photocopy at HSMC?

There ia a black and white photocopier available for use in accordance with the Copyright Act, 1988. The photocopier is operated with a Birmingham University ID card which you can credit with money in the library. All transactions are cash only. The prices are 5p per A4 sheet and 8p per A3 sheet.