Visiting the library 

For further information about visiting the library contact Rachel Posaner

How do I register for the library?

You can join the library if you are from one of the following categories:

  • Staff at HSMC
  • HSMC postgraduate student
  • NHS graduate scheme student (MTS)
  • Clinical Fellows
  • Nuffield Trust member
  • Birmingham Public Health 
  • Public Health Trainee in the West Midlands

All eligible library members will need to fill in and return a registration available from us.

Please contact Rachel Posaner the library manager if your institution is interested in joining the library.

I am not entitled to join the library, can I still visit?

You can use the library for reference only, though it is advisable that you phone up before hand in case the library is particularly busy on the day you would like to visit.

Where is the library located?

The library collection is located at:

Health Services Management Centre (HSMC)
Park House
40 Edgbaston Park Road
B15 2RT

Directions to Park House

How do I get to the library?

How do I get into Park House

Students - you need your University ID card to get into Park House

All other users - ring Doorbell number 3

Where can I park?

HSMC has a large free car park for all its users though you do need to display a pass in your windscreen.  If you are not offered one on arrival ask the library staff who will supply one.

When is the library open?

Can I bring my mobile phone into the library?

Yes, but please turn it to silent and if it rings take it out into the hall.

Can I bring my laptop into the library?

Yes you can bring a laptop into the library. 

Only members of the University will be able to access the wireless network and you will need your University username and password.